Nabol Brass Planters Lake Sebu

tboli brasscasting lake sebu sesotunawa brass planter

The Nabol Pot: Your beautiful memories and experiences shaped, melted, and cast. 

Made to celebrate your fondest memories and create new meaningful experiences with nature, at your own homes.

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 The Nabol Pot Story 

The Nabol trees used to line the banks of the sbu (lake). Growing up in Lake Sebu, we remember our fathers collecting Nabol timber to build our gono (house) and the woodcarvers collecting its sap to paint their masterpieces with its black pigments.

When we were children, we remember climbing up its trunk and resting our tiny bodies on its slender but strong branches, while we savor the sweet and astringent taste of its fruits. 

sesotunawa tboli lake sebu

We look back on our afternoons by the lake, where we played under the Nabol trees, dwarfed by their magnificent canopies. We always felt at home around it and spending more time with nature has deepened our connection to and appreciation for the land that nurtured our life and our culture.This pandemic has given us an opportunity to reflect and rekindle our love for our natural environment.

While our community has returned to farming, many of you may have also reconnected with nature by taking care of indoor plants. Despite the uncertain future, these memories and experiences have given us a reason to hope for a new leaf to unfurl, a flower to bloom, a bountiful harvest to share.

sesotunawa tboli lake sebu nabol brass pots

Nabol Brass Pots Available Sizes

Specifications Price
Udi (Small)

Top: 3.5" diameter
Bottom: 2.5" diameter
Height: 2.5"

Catch dish:
3.5" diameter
Pre-order: P2,594
SRP: P2,999
Gbela (Medium)

Top: 4" diameter
Bottom: 3" diameter
Height: 3.5"

Catch dish:
4" diameter
Pre-order: P3,399
SRP: P3,999
Bong (Large)

Top: 4.5" diameter
Bottom: 3.5" diameter
Height: 4"

Catch dish:
4.5" diameter
Pre-order: P4,249
SRP: P4,999


Order now to get 15% OFF!


Terms and Conditions for Pre-Orders:

  • To place an order, please fill out the contact form below or send us an email at with your details. We will confirm your order within 42 hours.
  • Once order has been confirmed, full payment will be required. Payments are accepted through bank transfer only. Production will only begin once payment is received. 
  • We accept custom designs. Minimum of 10 orders.
  • Please give us at least 2 weeks to produce the brass pots.
  • With the current conditions, shipping normally takes 10-14 days. Cost will be shouldered by the client and will depend on the volume of the order and address.
  • Ships from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato starting September 5, 2020. 

    sesotunawa tboli lake sebu handmade brass pots

    Order now to get 15% OFF!

    First batch will be shipped on September 5, 2020.