Sesotunawa for Palestine

The Sesotunawa for Palestine collection is a powerful expression of solidarity and shared struggles. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted by our skilled Tboli artisans, blending the rich cultural heritage of the Tboli people with the symbolic colors of the Palestinian flag.

These creations symbolize our collective fight against displacement, cultural erasure, and the pursuit of self-determination.

This collection features earrings and bracelet each designed with intricate beadwork that tells a story of courage, hope, and strength. By incorporating red, green, white, and black, these pieces honor the strength and spirit of both the Tboli and Palestinian communities.

More than just beautiful accessories, each item in this collection represents a commitment to justice and peace. We proudly donate 25% of the proceeds to support initiatives aiding the Palestinian people. Specifically, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the GoFundMe campaign Help Seraj Survive, providing crucial support for Seraj and his family during these challenging times.

Wear these pieces as a statement of solidarity and a celebration of cultural heritage. Join us in supporting the fight for justice and recognizing the enduring spirit of indigenous and marginalized communities worldwide.

Meet Seraj:

Seraj Aburaida, a 21-year-old from Gaza, has faced immense hardship. Displaced multiple times due to conflict, he currently lives in a tent with his family of nine. Despite losing nearly everything, Seraj remains incredibly generous, sharing any donations he receives with those around him.

Seraj’s story is one of resilience and unwavering hope. After losing his home and personal belongings, including his university laptop, he has focused on providing for his family and neighbors. His immediate goals include securing his family’s financial stability, evacuating to Egypt for safety, and eventually rebuilding their home and continuing his studies in information technology.

Seraj’s dedication to his community is evident in his mutual aid projects, where he distributed cash aid and fresh produce during Ramadan, even under dire circumstances. His dream is to live in peace, complete his education, and achieve a safe and prosperous future for himself and his family.

Your support not only helps preserve the cultural heritage of the Tboli community but also contributes to Seraj’s journey towards a safer and brighter future.