Sesotunawa x Saan Saan Brass Candle Jar - Hemgelung

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Lake Sebu is affectionately called "The bowl of forest and mountains" and it is here that we find communities that continue the traditional arts of weaving, beading and brass casting. We create pieces that express the mystique of the lush forest, pristine lake, and the mountains that enclose the area. The smells, sights, and sounds of this beautiful place are represented in their work. These jars (blogo) were traditionally used to store beetle nuts (for chewing) and other materials used for rituals (demsu). 

This brass jar contains a scented, hand-poured soy and beeswax blend candle.


Product Name: Tau Hemgelung (Man playing hegalung)

 Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

 Brass; Width: 7 cm, Height: 13 cm

Joel Blunto, Henia Blunto, and Saan Saan

Did you know?

Each brass item starts from a wax mold and the entire process of temwel or brasscasting can take days to complete. Read more about temwel in our stories.


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