Bookend - Male Dancer

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Around the tranquil waters of Lake Sebu are communities where indigenous art still thrives. The art of beading and Temwel (or traditional brass-casting) still exists because of families who keep these traditions alive. Using scrap brass from junk shops, this material has been given new life and has been crafted into these brass bookends. 


Product Name: Tau Soyow Logi (Male Dancer)
Desc: A male Tboli performs a traditional warrior dance, carrying a spear and a shield, to please a woman he likes. The best and "bravest warrior" gets the woman's approval.

Joel Blunto

 Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

 Brass; Width: 15 cm, Height: 24 cm

Did you know?

Each brass item starts from a wax mold and the entire process of temwel or brasscasting can take days to complete. Read more about temwel in our stories.


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