Stories of Sfili (Change): The Sukan's Fishing Business Part 2

The hyu sfili (positive changes) in the fishing business of the Sukans was not without hard work. They had to learn to put value on saving up and spending only on what they need, so they can invest and grow their business. Jeneth recalls how much of her knowledge in sustaining their business was because of her own journey as an artist-entrepreneur in Sesotunawa.

Jeneth shares how she gained so much from her experiences and training on customer service, quality, and proper costing, which are part of Sesotunawa’s capacity development programs. She is grateful for Sesotunawa’s engagement to enhance the artists’ capacity not only to become better at their craft, but also in doing business. She feels that she became an entrepreneur in her own right not only as a beader with sustained income but as a co-owner of their fishing business. “Tungod sa Sesotunawa, mas nakilala ako sa mga tao. Didto ko nabal-an, dako ang nabulig sakon tungod nakilala ko.” (Because of Sesotunawa, I became known in the community as a good beader (with quality designs). It was then that I realized how big the contribution (of Sesotunawa) was when more and more people became aware of my work.)

Sesotunawa Tboli of Lake Sebu - Jeneth Sukan

Jeneth also recalls how she was able to convince Junnie to save money instead of buying a new motorcycle that they did not need. Jeneth reminded him of the need to think about the business in a long-term perspective.

Junnie understood that it was wiser to wait for their business to take-off, so they could buy the motorcycle in cash at a discounted price. He shares how Jeneth also influenced him to become a better entrepreneur, “Mas natudluan paano maggamit sa mo resources (kwarta ug panahon).” (She taught me how to use our resources like time and money more wisely.)

Sesotunawa’s mentoring sessions on product development and financial management has contributed to the hyu sfili in the lives of the Sukans. These have only been possible because of your continued support for Sesotunawa. By purchasing our brass and beaded products, you are helping sustain these positive changes, especially in this time when there are greater risks and limitations for small businesses to thrive. 


This part two of the Sukan's Fishing Business story. You canread the first part here.