Partner in Focus: A Sesotunawa Journey with ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

In the Tboli of Lake Sebu community, we navigate difficult situations by working together and supporting each other. It through sesotunawa or working together that we establish and nurture meaningful relationships with our family and community members.

Similarly, partnerships that we established and nurtured as an enterprise is also grounded on this principle.

anya lim of anthill

Our partnership with ANTHILL did not start formally. it is a partnership that was established and nurtured through years of sincere relationship building.

It was in 2016 that Karl, Joel, and Anya met. ANTHILL was already buying brasscast products from Joel and when Sesotunawa was organized, they continued to support the enterprise by maintaining constant communication and providing mentoring support to Karl.

anthill x sesotunawa lake sebu

As we grew over the years, ANTHILL also supported us by providing market access, thereby increasing our capacity to grow as a business. In 2019, we formally signed our partnership with ANTHILL and we became one of the enterprises who received direct support from them under their Community Enterprise Development Program.

Years of relationship building has allowed Sesotunawa and ANTHILL to work together sincerely, honor our own individual dreams, and weave each other's vision to empower local artists and give them equal space to grow as artist-entrepreneurs.

It is this kind of relationships that we treasure most and allow us to expand our community and home beyond the borders of Lake Sebu.