What is a Culture Mover?

When two or more Tau Temwel (brass caster) work together, they learn from each other. Not only are skills shared between two artists, but cultural knowledge, tradition, and values are also passed on from one generation of Tau Temwel to another. This was how Kuya Joel learned the art of Temwel from his mother.

sesotunawa culture movers

We chose “Sesotunawa” as our brand name because it highlights the cultural value of working together, which gives life to the art traditions of the Tboli. Over the years, we have seen how our community, especially the people who helped us build our brand, transform from customers into movers of this cultural value.
Many of you have become our active storytellers and allowed us to expand our reach and inspire other communities. Some of you were inspired to look into your own cultural resources to help your own communities. Some of you have also found a sense of connection to your identity and cultural heritage through our brand.

sesotunawa culture movers

To us, a #CultureMover does not need to own a Sesotunawa item. You do not need to build a brand that supports us or the Tboli community. You do not need to speak about culture in front of hundreds of people.

When you tell our story to a friend or family member, you become a #CultureMover. When you uphold indigenous peoples’ rights in your own little ways, you create ripples in the quiet and nonchalant surface of Lake Sebu. By working together, we can make more ripples and turn them into waves big enough to pave the way for cultural knowledge, traditions, and values to move and strengthen our identity as people.

Help us share our story, be a #CultureMover.