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KOBONG NAWA Outreach Program Lake Sebu

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Total Raised Funds   ₱51,174.13
Funds from Sales   ₱4,175.60
Cash Donations   ₱46,998.53*
Campaign Start Date   28 June 2021
Campaign End Date   10 July 2021
(Data as of July 10, 2021)
*P5,000 was donated directly to Tboli Sbu Senior High School


The community has also received the following donations in-kind:
- 6 sacks of Rice Tboli Sbu Senior High School Faculty
- 25 pcs of Water Container Lake Sebu Youth Volunteer Network (Michael Yambok)


July 10, 2021:
- The community has already received a total P41,000 from the collected funds
- In-kind donations were given directly to the community
- The Tboli Sbu Sr. High School will schedule a consultation with the community to determine how the remaining funds can be used for long-term interventions



In Barangay Lamcade, Lake Sebu, a total of 120 families are currently living in temporary shelters, displaced from their homes, after a series of heavy rain showers caused landslides in the area. Tension cracks have also been found in 3 sitios, affecting communities, farms, and access roads connecting to other villages.

Kobong Nawa Funraising: Lake Sebu Tension CracksKobong Nawa Funraising: Lake Sebu Landslide

Mr. Benjie Manuel, Teacher-in-Charge of the Tboli Sbu Senior High School, has visited the shelter and identified some 40 students from their Indigenous People's Education program are among the evacuees. Crizelda Man, one of the students, expressed difficulty in accessing safe and potable water.

"We have to walk about half a kilometer to the source and carry the heavy gallons uphill, back to the evacuation site," Crizelda said.


This, among other urgent needs and challenges faced at the evacuation center, has prompted the Tboli Sbu Senior High School to launch a fundraising campaign and outreach program dubbed as “Kobong Nawa” or “Container of Life.”

Temporary Shelters no access to water and electricity
Temporary Shelters

Kobong,” in the local Tboli language, pertains to the bamboo tube traditionally used by the Tboli to store water or rice. As a vessel that carries life-giving elements, the Tboli people considers this container as a symbol of nourishment and survival.

Kobong Nawa Fundraising and Outreach Program aims to raise funds for the 120 Tboli families whose lives are affected by the landslides and tension cracks in Brgy. Lamcade, Lake Sebu. This campaign hopes to raise a total of P36,000 which will be used to purchase water containers and other food items for the evacuees.

In support of this campaign, from June 28 - July 10, 20% of Sesotunawa sales will be donated to Tboli Sbu Senior High School: KOBONG NAWA Outreach Program.

We also welcome cash donations.

shop sesotunawa tboli lake sebu

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Bong salamat and henlos tekuy sesotunawa! (Thank you and let's continue to work together!)

(Photos by Mr. Benjie Manuel)